My Personal Perspective on the Nature of Health and Healing

My opinion on the nature of health and healing is based on over 20 years of experience caring for patients as a chiropractor, my personal health experiences, and many years of studying  western scientific methods and esoteric thought.     Due to the linear nature of the written page, the factors affecting health will appear as list, first one then the next.  This gives them an artificial sense of separateness that does not occur in life.  Think of them as more of an interconnected web, touch one and the whole web vibrates, damage one and the web’s symmetrical structure and tonal quality is diminished.   

Physical/material factors:

Trauma (macro and micro), chemical (environmental), chemical (dietary), EMF/radiation, genetics, epigenetics(primary and generational)

Our society is most familiar with physical factors that can affect health.  The modern medical pharmacological industrial complex is built on it.  

Emotional Factors:

Negative emotions, emotional trauma (shadow), emotional influence (subtle), Epigenetics (the study of how the environment both physical and emotional,  affects genes, for good or bad and how those genes can affect the health of future generations)  

Emotions can directly affect health.  That is a fact.  But it is a fact that is not well understood.  Science cannot explain consciousness let alone how it, the subconscious and emotions affect our health.  

Spiritual Factors:

Karma (Level of Consciousness), Life Plan, subtle bioenergetics

Our reality seems to exist as a continuum of consciousness, from lowest levels (and basest emotions) through reason and rational thought to trans-rational levels of Love and nonduality all the way to Absolute – the source of all existence.  An individual’s level of consciousness is their center of gravity, the level of being at which they spend most of their time.  Whether it be at hate, courage, truthfulness, reason, or Love, if you spend most of your time in a certain emotional vibration guess what sort of things you will “attract” in your life.  Also think of the effects this may have on your health.  This leads to changes in subtle bioenergies, which leads to changes in how your body functions.  

Remember these factors do not exist in isolation.  There are many operating simultaneously and each one can affect all the others in some manner.  That is why the process of healing is often compared to the many layers of an onion.  You have to peel back layer after layer before you get to the center.  


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