I am a convert!!! I have been in chronic hip and groin pain due to SI joint dysfunction for almost a year! I’ve done shots, physical therapy, used a tens unit for pain just about everything I was told to do by my drs and nothing worked. I’ve been a client of Dr Soucy’s wife Melanie for years and she has talked with me about seeing her husband for years as well! Finally I figured it can’t hurt so I saw him a month ago. I’ve been only 3 times and my pain has been reduced by 80% and there are days I am pain free depending on my activity level. I am beyond thrilled and highly recommend Dr Mike!!!


Linda Geatrakas

Recently i had some of the worst back pain I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t sit, stand or lay down for more than 20 minutes. And it had been almost a month like that. I stumbled (pun intended) into Dr. Soucy’s office. He is amazing. After my first visit I was almost completely pain free. I could bend. I could sit and stand and lay and whatever I felt like doing. I was fixed. Never thought it would be that easy. And as a bonus my anxiety was diminished greatly. I never expected that. Thank you.


Michael Soucy does excellent work. I went to him for some pain in my neck and left shoulder. I’ve been to other chiropractors but Michael Soucy’s technique provided better results. Thank you Advanced Wellness Chiropractic.



If you are having back/neck/sinus/ear aches/headaches, Dr. Soucy can help you! He helps me with so many issues! I highly recommend him! A kind, understanding Dr. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š



Very professional! I visit Dr. Soucy office every month for a wellness maintenance appointment the past 6 months. I highly recommend this place!



If you’re looking for a great chiropractor, look no further! Dr. Michael Soucy in Mexico, NY is top notch! I’ve gone to him on and off for different issues for over 10 years! He does not put you on the table and get crack happy, he uses other gentler methods! Also he doesn’t tell you to come back 3 times a week for the rest of your life, which I greatly respect! I could hardly walk this morning, I did who -knows-what to my back last week and was in so much pain. I just got home from seeing him, I’m 80% better. Thank God and Dr.Soucy!!



You worked Magic! I was able to walk after your Tx.


Dr. Mike is always available to help make you feel better. I have been seeing him for several years and is always about to help heal whatever may be bothering you. Has helped with hip problems, low back issues, neck and shoulder issues, sinus issues. He is whole family wellness. Both of my children get a adjusted as well as my husband. Great man and doctor that cares for his patients and community!


Dr. Soucy is a very kind man that cares about all aspects of his patients health and well-being. Not only does he focus on the issue I have at hand, he works to find the root of what is causing the issue. He’s kept me on my feet and off antibiotics for many years. He can deal with it all – chronic sinus issues, headaches, ear aches, back pain, neck pain, numbness, and so much more. And, he has helped me on weekends and after hours on several occasions. I’m lucky to have him as my doctor. I have recommended him to several people and will continue to do so.


Dr. Soucy uses a unique approach to wellness that really supports a healthy and balanced life. The treatments are extremely comfortable AND effective, I would highly recommend his services!


Dr. Soucy uses KST to determine what chiropractic adjustments to make to address my long-standing health issues. KST also guides him to ask me questions about matters that were way in the back of my mind. He’s spot-on with insight and suggestions that inspire me.

I wish that insurance plans covered his services, but I found that his fee is much lower in the long run, and his treatments are much more effective than most practitioners.

He referred me to an acupuncturist when needed. I continue to benefit from monthly appointments with Dr. Soucy.


aaaaahhhhhh! I can breath again. Thank you Dr. Soucy!!


Thank you Dr. Soucy. It was worth the wait to see you for treatment. The 1,275 mile trek from Florida was painful, but once again I’m glad I waited to see you versus getting treatment in Florida. Thank you and I’ll see you Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‚


It is so refreshing to see a provider that you can tell truly cares about their appearance. They strive to maintain a professional appearance and look their best at all times. They gave me sufficient information to make a decision about my treatment plan. They always go above and beyond to help me with anything I need. They never complain about anything, and I know I can always count on them.


Thanks to the best dr ever. When u and your 6 year old walk in with pain and the next day your 75% better it is well worth it. Thanks Mike for everything.



First of all I want to thank my son Todd for showing me the way into Dr Soucy’s front door. When I started that day I had severe back pain (degenerating disc) and I was very much careful of what my daily routine was, as I was afraid of being laid up with the back pain, which I have lived with for years. I started out once a week seeing him in his office and then it went to every other week, then to once a month and as of 3/1/2014 I will be seeing him every other month. I want to say that the pain is 90% better and I am not afraid to get up in the mornings and get to my routine of the day. So if you have pain anywhere, please give Dr Soucy a call. Thank you Dr Soucy you are well appreciated to be a resident in Mexico NY and I can not thank you enough for giving me a painless back. Thank You


Dr. Soucy has provided me with pain relief I have not felt before. He is precise and gentle. I really enjoy the treatments and I am only going once a month. Thank you!