Intuitive Consciousness Report

Intuitive Consciousness:

How to Develop Your Innate Intuitive Abilities

By Michael Soucy, DC

My 3 main goals in publishing this report are to help you:

1. Learn an intuitive technique.

2. Learn how it is useful.

3. Learn to ask reliable questions and get reliable answers

What is Intuition?

There are two main schools of thought on the nature of intuition. A material one that suggests that intuition is the result the large amount of raw sensory information our nervous system processes, yet most of which does not rise to the level of conscious awareness. So intuition is the process of tapping into a sort of pool of sub-conscious data.

The other theory holds that consciousness is the foundational component of all creation. That what we experience as the physical world is actually the product of an universal consciousness, a ground of being from which all else springs. Intuition is the natural ability to tap into that universal consciousness to which we all linked. It is only the ego that sees itself separate from this universal whole.

The Problem of the Ego

Once you begin to practice with your intuitive gifts you will find the most likely way to receive inaccurate information is due to the interference of your ego. The ego has a stake in many of the questions you may ask of your intuition. We all have preferences, fears and prejudices especially when dealing with situations that affect us personally. It is important to remain neutral when using these techniques. You must come at as sincere seeker of truth. As soon as you want the outcome to go one way or the other then your ego will interfere with the results, making it unreliable.

So try to avoid questions in which you desire a certain answer. In that situation, you’re likely to get the answer you want, but not get the truth. Make sure that your questions are specific with no gray area. Asking good questions takes practice.

Important Tip! Always ask for answers that benefit the greater or highest good. This will help to lessen the impact of the ego. Become a servant of the greater good.

The Techniques

Heart Focus: I like to refer to this method of listening to your inner intuitive voice as “Heart Focus”, because that is precisely what you do. To start, quiet your mind and body and focus on your heart region. I like to place my hand over my heart, it seems to help me focus. Then with loving intent and for the greater good ask a question or simply make a statement like, “this brand of olive oil is good for me.” Then feel the reaction in your heart. Do you feel a warm and loving sensation or maybe an empty, blank or even negative one? It’s really that simple. Your body-mind is giving you the answer.

Body Sway: This method utilizes a reflexive biofeedback response of your standing posture. It relies on your natural inclination to lean toward anything good or helpful and to lean away from negative influences. Like a protozoan innately knows what it can safely consume and retracts from what is harmful, you can learn to hone your natural ability to be attracted to the good, the true and the beautiful and retract from the negative or harmful. To do this simply stand, relaxed and focused and ask a yes or no question or make a statement. “Is this bottle of olive oil a healthy choice?” If you feel your body lean forward than that is a positive response. If you lean back, try another brand of olive oil. 🙂

Okay, But Now What?

Now that you are getting a handle on a method to help you read your intuitive responses. What do you do next? Here are some issues with which these methods are often helpful.

Always remember, an emotional attachment to a certain outcome almost guarantees inaccurate results!

Health questions:

I often use these intuitive biofeedback techniques regarding dietary choices, (following the advise is entirely another issue!) I used the example of olive oil before because it’s a good illustration of why you might use intuition. Olive oil has been in the news the past few years due to it’s health benefits and because of the prevalence of fake or altered products. So you likely should be consuming it but unfortunately many of the brands available are probably altered in a very unhealthy way. FYI, I have found that brands from California are most frequently the healthy choice.

You could also use it to find what form(s) of exercise would be most beneficial for you. What supplements you should take, (if any) or what types of food are healthy choices for you.

As far health problems, symptoms or specific diseases I find it helpful to see if there is any type of emotional energy tied to a symptom. In my experience adding this holistic aspect can help the healing process.

Spiritual Questions

From a spiritual perspective intuition is quite helpful as a tool to help you understand dreams and what they may be trying to tell you. Also, it is very useful as a way to connect with your guides and higher self.

**It is very important to seek professional evaluation for health problems.**

It is dangerous to try to use these methods to self diagnose. You are emotionally invested in your health and to try to use an intuitive method to diagnose or treat a disease would be inherently inaccurate! Intuition is not a replacement for your rational mind. It is meant to work in concert with it.

Signs of a Reliable Intuition

  • Feels right in your gut
  • Has a compassionate, affirming tone
  • Conveys a detached sensation, like you’re in a theater watching a movie

Signs of an Irrational Fear

  • Is highly emotionally charged
  • Has cruel, demeaning, or delusional content
  • Conveys no gut-centered confirmation or on-target feeling
  • Reflects past psychological wounds
  • Diminishes centeredness and perspective

Remember, to accurately receive intuitive information you must be in a calm, peaceful state. Always come at it from a perspective of the greater good. If you are in a negative emotional state, e.g. angry, sad, stressed, anxious or jealous, you cut yourself off from accessing higher consciousness. Therefore you probably aren’t going to win the lottery. Sorry, but gaining some inner peace is quite nice 🙂

4 thoughts on “Intuitive Consciousness Report

  1. Nice paper. I never considered training intuition. Best line, “relies on your natural inclination to lean toward anything good or helpful and to lean away from negative influences.” A very positive outlook. Too often we are told (by religion) that we are innately sinful, always leaning toward the bad. I do not believe that.


    1. Hi Richard,
      Thanks for the kind words. The effect you mention is thought to be related to a proposed “field of consciousness” from which all things arise. Everything within the field has a vibration and we innately respond positively to things that vibrate above a certain frequency. Our sense can be corrupted by negative influences within our own field however, so care must be taken to weed out these shadow aspects of our field. Helping people do this is really what I do in my practice.
      Dr. Soucy


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