Affects of Consciousness on Water Crystals

The video below shows the affects of different physical and MENTAL/EMOTIONAL conditions have on the crystalline structure of water.  This info is largely ignored by mainstream science; likely because it doesn’t fit into their paradigm of the nature of reality, by which I mean the mechanistic/material view of the nature of reality.  Masaru Emoto’s work in this area beautifully illustrates the interplay of consciousness and the material world.  It helps one to realize the power our mind has over our health and well-being.


I used to think that the term “vibration” was just a sort of metaphor used in different fields of subtle energy work.  That was until I began experiencing them myself in both my patients and within my own body.  You can actually sense a feeling of vibration.  I believe this is the same sort of energy that is affecting the water crystals in the video below.  And that different emotional/spiritual states have different amounts of vibrational (subtle) energy.  Dr. David Hawkins has done quite a bit of work in this area which seems to correlate nicely with what is presented here.

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