What I Do – Healing and Spirit

“The whole movement of the Bible is toward ever-greater Incarnation and embodiment, until the mystery of mutual indwelling is finally experienced and enjoyed even here in this world and this life.” – Richard Rohr


The above quote by Franciscan monk Richard Rohr suggests to me the whole nature of our reality.  It speaks to the ever evolving nature of consciousness, of our ongoing quest to unite with the Absolute, or “the mystery of mutual indwelling”  as he puts it so poetically.  You might wonder what this has to do with health and healing.  

In my personal and professional experience I’ve found that our inner life has a significant impact on our health and well being.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the facts of how stress and anxiety can be detrimental to your physical and emotional health.  But what many don’t realize are that past emotional stresses, if not processed in a healthy way when they occurred can become stuck, first in our subconscious, then in our subtle energy body, and finally in our physical body.  The subtle body I refer to has been known to mystics and healers for millennia.  It is the energetic matrix that permeates and surrounds us.  Unresolved stress and anxiety weigh us down energetically, emotionally and eventually physically.

There is a subtle vibrational energy underlying all things.  The higher vibrations are linked to all things sacred; love, healing, compassion, truth and beauty.   Lower vibrations are linked to such things as hate, anger, sorrow, and fear.  The higher levels of consciousness are often referred to as “Light”, while the lower ones are called, “dark”.  Thus this type of healing work, bringing Light to our shadow selves, is commonly called “Light Work”.  Life can be seens as a process of evolving to the realization of higher vibrations, in other words raising your consciousness.

The lower vibrations can linger or get stuck in our energy bodies, especially the emotional body or what we might call the subconscious.  These negative vibrations keep us from realizing our true state of Wholeness, our true relationship with the Divine.   Early in our lives we may have learned to associate certain types of situations with negative outcomes and so we continue throughout our lives to associate those situations with a lower level emotions like fear or anger. In an emergency these lower emotional states serve an important purpose with regards to survival.  However, it is when we hang on to them that they become a problem.  These negative attachments are often referred to as shadow aspects of our personalities.  

Overtime these negative emotional vibrations can actually begin to cause physical symptoms.  Issues with fear, anger and self-confidence are associated with the lower chakra’s.  It is thought that physical problems can manifest in the areas near the chakras to which they are related.  For example anger is often associated with low back pain and the lower chakras located nearby.  It is through stirpping away these shadow aspects that we can realize our underlying goodness, truth and beauty and our inherent oneness with of all creation as it arises.

A solution to the problem of our shadow selves is first to identify the original stressful event.  I use a form of intuitive kinesiological dowsing, that through a series of yes and no questions helps me lead you to the root of the issue.  Once you have discovered the original cause, you can focus on the emotions surrounding that memory and how it felt at the time it occurred.  While you are in that state I can locate the associated energetic points on your body, again utilizing the dowsing procedure and then bring in the higher vibrational energy of unconditional Love to cleanse and release the energetic attachments which will allow your bodies (physical and energetic) to heal.

There is often more than one shadow aspect attached to our consciousness.  Sometimes it’s a bit like peeling an onion back layer after layer until we get to the core of the problem.  Also it can be that a person is not ready to let go of a certain shadow attachment.  It’s important not to force these issues and to let them unfold as they will.  To always work for the greatest good.  

Over the past few years of learning and refining how I approach my interaction with patients, I’ve discovered that it’s really not about moving a bone, a muscle or a nerve, but about the interaction that is occurring between myself, the patient and Spirit on a subtle energetic level. These types of human energy fields and pathways go by different names you may have heard like; aura, chakra, kundalini, subtle and causal energetic bodies etc.  Whatever you want to call them, there are fields of energy that surround and pass through our entire physical bodies.  These energies help guide the creation of our physical being as it arises moment to moment, and therefore have an extremely significant effect on our health.   We all experience varying amounts of stress and negative emotions everyday.  There can be sudden severe emotional shocks that can be too large for us to process in the moment, but there are also those small negative habitual thoughts that occur repeatedly for years at a time.  Over time these negative emotional energies can begin to affect our health.  

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” – Albert Einstein

Through an intuitive, guided process I help people become aware of these areas and then  by interacting with your subtle energy field and the connective tissue matrix which acts as its receiver and conduit, it is possible to release them allowing the body to attain an improved state of ease.


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