Chronic Pain

First of all I want to thank my son Todd for showing me the way into Dr Soucy’s front door. When I started that day I had severe back pain (degenerating disc) and I was very much careful of what my daily routine was, as I was afraid of being laid up with the back pain, which I have lived with for years. I started out once a week seeing him in his office and then it went to every other week, then to once a month and as of 3/1/2014 I will be seeing him every other month. I want to say that the pain is 90% better and I am not afraid to get up in the mornings and get to my routine of the day. So if you have pain anywhere, please give Dr Soucy a call. Thank you Dr Soucy you are well appreciated to be a resident in Mexico NY and I can not thank you enough for giving me a painless back. Thank You